Israel threatens Palestinian supporters with ‘We will send you to Gaza’

Israel threatens Palestinian supporters with ‘We will send you to Gaza’

Israel threatens Palestinian supporters with ‘We will send you to Gaza’

The Israeli police chief, Kobi Shabtai, threatened to “send to Gaza” those who participated in the demonstrations in support of the Gaza Strip, where the humanitarian crisis has deepened with the intense attacks of the Israeli army and the tightening of the blockade.

Israel Police posted footage of Shabtai’s meeting with police chiefs on its Arabic account on the TikTok social media platform. Shabtai stated that “in case of war, all orders are unquestionable” and stated that “there will be zero tolerance for any provocation or incident, regardless of whether it is a singer, a doctor or a nurse.”

Stating that protests will not be allowed, Shabtai noted that “non-concession is at the highest level.” Shabtai threatened those who participated in the protests in support of Gaza, saying: “Those who want to support Gaza are welcome, I will put you on a bus that will take you there and I will help you go to Gaza.”


In its written statement, the non-governmental organization “Adalah”, which defends the rights of minorities in Israel, condemned the “racist and provocative” statements of the police chief and stressed that it is illegal to reject all protest demands in support of the Palestinians in Gaza.

In another statement from Adalah, it was stated that the Israeli police had detained 100 people since October 7 due to their social media posts and interactions with other publications, and the detention period of 70 of them was extended.

Adalah Personal Rights Unit lawyer Adi Mansur stated that they were following a case related to the expulsion of 70 university students from the school due to their social media posts.

Noting that judges in Israel rejected requests to release suspects under conditions such as “house arrest and a ban on Internet use” and decided to extend detentions, Mansur claimed that police confiscated the phones of people detained in many investigations.

Palestinian singer Delal Abu Emine was also arrested for sharing the Palestinian flag and “Victory belongs to Allah alone” on her social media account. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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