Decision to increase public transport

Decision to increase public transport

Decision to increase public transport

Following consecutive increases in fuel prices, public transportation fares in Eskişehir also increased.

Public transport fares, which increased last July, increased by 25 percent with the new regulation.


The following information was included in the announcement made by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality:

*Dear fellow citizens, with regret we would like to inform you of something to ensure the sustainability of public transport and prevent transport services from being interrupted. In order to guarantee sustainability in urban transport and provide an efficient service, public transport fares will be increased starting Monday, October 23, 2023 by the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME).

*The 20 percent increase in industrial electricity this month, the continued increases in operating expenses, the increase in natural gas and fuel prices with the latest update of the Special Consumption Tax, the 111 percent increase in personnel costs, the increase in the cost of spare parts due to the constant increase in exchange rates are the main reasons for this decision.

*With the new rate, the full Eskart will cost 15 TL and the discounted Eskart will be 7.50 TL. With the decision made at the UKOME meeting, minibus, minibus, staff and student transport fares were also redetermined. Once the decision is made, minibus and minibus fares will be 15 TL starting October 23.


*For school bus fares, TL 990 from 0 to 3 km, TL 1055 from 0 to 6 km, TL 1100 from 0 to 10 km, TL 1170 from 0 to 15 km and TL 40 for each kilometer over the 15 kilometers. The fee for the guide staff in the service is determined at 275 TL per student.

*For staff services, the daily rate for buses with a capacity of more than 17 people is 955 TL for daytime work from 0 to 10 km and 1160 TL for night work. For minibuses with capacity from 1 to 17 people, the daytime fare is 720 TL and the night fare is 865 TL. For each kilometer exceeding 10 kilometers, a fee of 40 TL will be charged and the prices will be valid from November 1.

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Source: Sozcu


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