Chaos in the Middle East: Surprising analysis of Erdogan from Reuters

Chaos in the Middle East: Surprising analysis of Erdogan from Reuters

Chaos in the Middle East: Surprising analysis of Erdogan from Reuters

The British news agency Reuters published a comprehensive analysis of recent tensions in the Middle East…

While all eyes turned to Turkey, which has been involved in mediation efforts in this type of crisis in recent years, after the attack on the Al-Ehli Baptist Hospital, notable claims and scenarios were presented in the Reuters analysis.

Recalling that anti-Israel actions have recently increased in Turkey and that Ankara declared a three-day mourning due to the attack on Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital, Reuters said: “Palestinian officials said that the explosion at Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital was caused by an Israeli airstrike.” Israel attributed the explosion to a failed rocket launch by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group, which denied all responsibility for the blast. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan described the explosion as “the latest example of Israeli attacks devoid of the most basic human values.”
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The article said: “The Office of Presidential Communications quickly called Israel’s claim ‘#FakeNews’ on social media platform X.” Throughout the night, Turks marched with Palestinian flags and chanted slogans condemning Israel in at least a dozen Turkish cities, including in front of the Israeli embassy in the capital, Ankara.

A woman at Istanbul airport who said she wanted to return to Israel told Reuters: “I just want to go home. “That’s all,” she said.

An Israeli woman speaking from Istanbul airport said: “I just want to go home.”

Protesters held new demonstrations near the Israeli and US consulates in Istanbul on Wednesday night. In Ankara, several hundred protesters marched after the symbolic funeral prayer for those who died in the hospital.

The statement from the US Embassy in Ankara states that the US consulate in southern Adana will remain closed until further notice and that US government personnel have been instructed to minimize their movements in Turkey due to the protests.


Political analysts say the Gaza hospital explosion could have dire consequences for relations between Israel and Turkey.

Erdoğan and Netanyahu met in the United States on September 20.

Teneo’s Wolfango Piccoli said: “Ankara is now likely to take a much tougher anti-Israel stance. Erdogan may even decide to abandon the rapprochement with Israel, which began in 2022 after more than 10 years of tense relations between the two countries… The deterioration of relations between Turkey and Israel could also affect relations between Turkey and the United States and create further tensions in an unstable period between the two NATO allies,” he said.

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