Israel attacks a bakery with fighter jets

Israel attacks a bakery with fighter jets

Israel attacks a bakery with fighter jets

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that 3,478 civilians were killed and 12,65 civilians were injured in Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip since October 7.

Israeli warplanes attacked a bakery in the Nuseyrat camp in the central part of the Gaza Strip. As a result of the attack, the bakery was destroyed.

Approximately 30 Palestinians were killed in air and sea strikes carried out by Israel, which continues to attack the blockaded Gaza Strip, in the Cibalya region, the Nusayrat refugee camp, and the Yarmouk and Zeytun neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip. .

While Israeli forces also attacked a bakery in the Nusayrat refugee camp, at least two Palestinians lost their lives in the attack there.

Three Palestinians, including a child, were killed in Israeli attacks on Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.

Israel announced that two Israeli soldiers were killed in the conflict with the Palestinian group in the Netiv HaAsara settlement area around Gaza, raising the number of soldiers killed since October 7 to 304.

The Israeli army reported that 4 of its soldiers were slightly injured in the attack with anti-tank missiles launched from Lebanese territory. The army’s written statement states that the area where the anti-tank missile was fired was hit by artillery fire.

A one-day general strike was held in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem over the Israeli attack on a hospital in the Gaza Strip, in which more than 500 Palestinians were killed.

Hamas claimed that full responsibility for the attack in question lies squarely with the Tel Aviv administration.

The Hamas statement emphasized that Israel “tried to distort the truth of the massacre by inventing false stories” and said: “The fascist occupation forces, threatening to bomb the hospital, shot down 23 ambulances; killed more than 25 doctors, their families already more than 3,000 Palestinian civilians. “70 percent of these people were children and women.” The expression was used.

Hamas claimed that Israel has so far destroyed 120,000 houses at the expense of those who live in them.

Palestinian Health Minister Mey Keyle warned that there is a serious shortage of medicines in the Gaza Strip and a major problem in transportation to hospitals.

Keyle noted that water shutoffs and disruption of the sewage system increase the risk of the spread of infectious diseases.

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