Israel claims Hezbollah

Israel claims Hezbollah

Israel claims Hezbollah

Safiyeddin, chairman of Hezbollah’s Executive Council in Lebanon, spoke at the rally held in Beirut’s Dahiye district to condemn the attack on Israel’s hospital and show solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.

Stating that they condemn in the strongest terms Israel’s attack on Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital, Safiyeddin said: “The bombing targeting the hospital confirms that the attack was planned in advance.” he said.

Addressing US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Safiyeddin stated that their plans to displace Palestinians in Gaza will not succeed.


The statement made by Hezbollah was shared on the website of Al Mayadeen TV, known for its closeness to the organization.

The statement notes that the Israeli military assembly base and the guard tower on the border were hit by a guided missile. It was claimed that there were deaths and injuries on the Israeli side due to the attack.

The Israeli army statement states that a missile attack was carried out from Lebanon and that it was responded to.

In the statement, it was stated that the Israeli army attacked 2 military targets in Lebanon, and it was noted that Lebanon opened fire on Israeli soldiers in Shebaa Farms with light weapons and responded. (AA)

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