Mawar nightmare in Japan

Mawar nightmare in Japan

Flood and landslide warnings have been issued in Japan, which has been hit by Tropical Typhoon Mawar that erupted in East Asia.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has updated its warnings for the tropical typhoon Mawar that has hit the southwestern region of the country. The JMA, which issued a flood and landslide warning for states in the Pacific Ocean, called for a temporary evacuation in some regions, including Kochi.

It was reported that the typhoon, which was recorded increasing its speed to more than 160 kilometers per hour, is expected to head towards Okinawa, in the west of the country. The agency, which warned of a “life-threatening natural disaster” in the Shikoku and Kinki regions, announced that 9-meter waves could reach the Okinawan coast.


Typhoon Mawar hit the island of Guam in the US on May 24 with strong winds and rain, power was cut across most of the island and most residents were evacuated.

The Guam National Weather Service (NWS) reported that the Category 4 typhoon passed through the northern part of Guam, with winds of up to 230 kilometers per hour.

US President Joe Biden also announced that a “state of emergency” was declared on the island of Guam, the US overseas territory in the Pacific Ocean. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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