Surprise in state election: Former porn star triumphs

Surprise in local elections in Germany: former erotic film star becomes deputy

Yesterday, while Turkey and the world were locked in presidential and parliamentary elections, a remarkable vote also took place in Germany.

According to the exit poll in the Bremen State Assembly elections in Germany, the Social Democratic Party (SPD), led by Prime Minister Olaf Scholz, increased its votes and became the leading party with 29.5 percent. hundred.

The actor, who marked an era, said he was very happy to achieve his first political victory.

The famous erotic film actress Annina Ucatis-Semmelhaack, who participated in the local FDP elections, declared her victory in Schleswig-Holstein. Semmelhaack, who was the second candidate in the city where the FDP won 10.4 votes, achieved such a political victory for the first time.

The German newspaper Bild commented: “Before she was the queen of erotic films, now she is the queen of the FDP of the North.” Speaking to Bild, Semmelhaack said: “I am very happy, we ran a very difficult election campaign, but I will not disappoint the voters.”

Stating that they knocked on 1,000 doors and sent 2,000 letters to voters, Semmelhaack said: “We hung 150 posters, worked 30 hours on social media. We visited 40 companies and organized an event”.
In addition to adult films, Semmelhaack, who also participated in a competition show in the “One is Watching Us” format, which was broadcast in Turkey for a while, stopped making adult films in 2009 and married millionaire businessman Theodor Semmelhaack.

Source: Sozcu


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