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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said he could not raise taxes in the UK to fund higher wages for National Health Service (NHS) workers. This writes Bloomberg.

The British prime minister has said he cannot raise UK taxes to fund higher wages for National Health Service (NHS) workers. (ANP/AFP)

“We cannot raise taxes any further at the moment,” Sunak told an audience of health workers at an event in the north-east of the UK, adding that health spending is at an all-time high. “The package has never been bigger than this,” Sunak said. “And it’s up to us to find the viable balance within that package.”

It is yet another attempt by the British government to do something about the very harmful strikes by NHS health workers, which have been going on for months. Furthermore, the British are facing the worst financial hardship in decades and the cost of living has exploded.


Health workers will therefore return to strike on February 6, because they are not sufficiently compensated by inflation. The UK Treasury, however, appears unwilling to budge as it continues to weather a possible supply overhaul.

Sunak has been trying to get his government back on track since his appointment. This is all the more necessary after yesterday he sacked the chairman of his Conservative Party – Nadhim Zahawi – for tax fraud. Sunak did it after weeks of malicious headlines.

Rotten apples

Today he also attempted to distance himself from the decisions made by his predecessors Liz Truss and Boris Johnson regarding the handling of “bad apples” in the Conservative Party. “I can’t change the things that were done before I became prime minister,” Sunak said. “On the Zahawi case, I have listened to independent consultants. This should inspire confidence that I take these situations more than seriously and will do everything in my power to restore the integrity of our policy.

Author: Remi Cook
Source: BNR


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