New Swiss sanctions on Russia

New Swiss sanctions on Russia

“Switzerland has adopted the measures against Russia in the ninth EU sanctions package, in response to Russia’s continued military strikes against Ukraine and actions that undermine Ukraine’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and security,” the Council said. Federal in a statement. statement was included.

The ninth package of sanctions implemented by the EU against Russia on December 16, 2022 includes adding approximately 200 Russian individuals and institutions and 3 banks to the sanctions list, banning exports of dual-use items, and banning mining investments. Swiss sanctions against Russia come into force.

In addition, Switzerland is expected to expand its export ban on goods related to the aerospace industry to include aircraft and drone engines. On the other hand, Switzerland plans to ban new investment in the Russian mining sector.

Switzerland, which is not a member of the EU, enjoys harmonious economic relations with its neighbours.


At the end of February last year, the then president of the Swiss Federation, Ignazio Cassis, announced that his country had adopted EU financial sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin and other officials over the attack on Ukraine.

On the other hand, a committee of the Swiss Federal Parliament proposed suspending the “re-export ban” that prevents the re-export of Swiss-made military equipment from another country to Ukraine.

“The majority of the committee believes that Switzerland should contribute more to the security of Europe, including by providing more assistance to Ukraine,” the committee’s press release said. It was said. (AA)

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