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Now that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has promised that Germany will supply fourteen Leopard 2 tanks, the days of the “Panzer-Poker” are over. German correspondent Derk Marseille says so. “Scholz defines the delivery of the Leopards as the last step and says that there are no other cards on the table”.

Panzer Poker

“For a long time it was as if the gentlemen of German politics were sitting around the table with their cards pressed to their chests. Maps showing, among other things, whether they were going to deliver tanks to Ukraine. But now, according to Scholz, the cards are on the table and ‘Panzer-Poker’ is no longer played,’ explains the correspondent from Germany.

Germany has confirmed via Scholz that it will deliver fourteen Type 2A6 Leopard tanks. The ruling coalition is therefore unanimous on this. However, it took Scholz a long time to get the word out. “There were countless times that the German chancellor could have said there was an intention to send tanks, but he remained silent,” says Marseille.


The reason for the long wait, according to the German correspondent, is that Scholz did not want to do anything hastily. “Germany hasn’t taken an active part so far and this is something you have to do on principle. Because once it’s tacked, it literally belongs in your arsenal. Furthermore, it was also necessary to practically examine whether it was possible to send the tanks,’ explains Marseille.

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Although most of the parties in the German government support Ukraine, there is also a critical part. These criticisms come mainly from the far left and the radical right, Marseille sees: ‘For example, the AfD – a far-right party – believes that everything should be used to reach a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine. But in the end these arguments had little weight.

There is a feeling in Germany that the population and politicians want to support Ukraine. Yet there are also criticisms. (BNR/ Derk Marseille) (BNR / Derk Marseille)

Author: BNR web editor
Source: BNR


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