“Bag Law Proposal” on Trade in the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey

“Bag Law Proposal” on Trade in the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey

Speaking about the entire proposal, Ankara IYI Party MP Ayhan Altıntaş stated that eight different laws were amended in the proposal, saying, “With the proposal, it is desired to make arrangements for the extraordinary meetings of the general assembly of the chambers of merchants and artisans. While the number of members sufficient for the extraordinary general assembly is currently 1 in 4 of the members of the general assembly, it increases to 2 in 5 with this change. We could not understand why this situation was necessary. With the arrangement, calling an extraordinary general assembly will become more difficult. Also, this is an arrangement that can make the voices of merchants and artisans, who find themselves in a difficult situation during the current economic crisis, silenced.” he performed the assessment of it.


MHP Antalya Vice President Abdurrahman stated that with the arrangement, the problems experienced in practice were raised at the extraordinary general meetings of merchants, craftsmen and professional organizations.

Referring to the contribution of free zones to the economy, the President said: “Free zones are one of the important policy tools to attract investment to our country and especially to increase exports from our country, in light of 35 years of practical experience with ready infrastructure opportunities, various incentives for investment and activity. 2,050 companies, 530 of which are foreign, operate in 19 free zones that actively operate in our country, employing more than 90,000 workers. At the end of 2022, exports from free zones abroad increased 17 percent compared to the previous year and reached 11.4 billion dollars. made his assessment.


HDP MP in Istanbul Ali Kenanoğlu said the proposal amended eight different laws, but made no fundamental changes.

Kenanoğlu, who claims that they are up against laws created by order of capital owners, said: “This bill is something like that. Deputies appear only as signatories. Most of the time, these capital companies write the laws and submit them to the Ministry. The Ministry translates it into technical language and then opens it for the signature of the deputies. So it comes to us. This is how the legislation works. In fact, Parliament does nothing more than the duty of a notary public. If workers and environmentalists want to bring a law, they have to pay a tremendous fight and price. Each of them has to be treated as a terrorist. But that’s how they make their voices heard.” he said.


CHP Antalya MP Çetin Osman Budak stated that the AKP maintains its traditional stance on law-making technique and that there is not enough discussion on the proposals submitted to Parliament.

Budak said: “First bring the bill and let’s work on it. If you want to do business with us, this is how you do it. Laws are being enacted as patchwork. There is also nothing tangible in this bill. Bills are pushed onto Parliament’s agenda as if they were smuggling goods out of the fire. We had warnings in the commission. Fixed some issues. There was also pressure from non-governmental organizations. Instead of keeping parliament and commissions busy with such unnecessary issues, issues that concern the demands of society should come, such as regulation with EYT”. he used his statements.

AKP Gaziantep MP Abdullah Nejat Koçer pointed out that AKP governments prepared Turkey for the future with sweeping reforms carried out in all fields, from education to health, from economy to justice, from defense to security. energy, from transportation to technology. Referring to the legislative activities in the Assembly, Koçer said, “The policies that you uphold, the laws that we enact under the roof of the Assembly, the actions taken with the support of our nation increase the well-being of our country and our nation and are fundamental . In its development.” he used his statements.

After the negotiations on the entire proposal were completed in the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the first part of the discussion began. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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