Iran sanctions reprisals

Iran sanctions reprisals

In a written statement made by the Iranian Foreign Ministry, it was stated that the decision to sanction was taken as a precautionary measure against EU and UK sanctions in accordance with the approvals of the relevant authorities.

The sanctions were claimed to cover individuals and organizations in the EU and the UK who “incite and incite riots, violence and terrorist acts against the Iranian people, interfere in the internal affairs of Iran and spread false and false information about Iran.” .

In this context, sanctions against 4 organizations in the EU and the UK, including the group called “European Friends of Israel” in the European Parliament, “Radio j” based in Paris, the construction company “Herberger Bau” from Germany and the “Henry Jackson Society” of England. The decision has been made.


French Minister for the City and Housing Olivier Klein, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, British Attorney General Victoria Prentis, British Chief of Staff Patrick Sanders, members of the European Parliament and the Danish far-right who burned the Koran in front of the embassy in Stockholm 30 people, including Rasmus Paludan, were reportedly placed on the sanctions list.

The sanctions included a visa ban, the confiscation of property and financial assets in Iran, and the freezing of bank accounts, according to the statement.


The EU decided to impose sanctions on 18 people and 19 Iranian organizations on Monday 23 January for their role in interventions against the demonstrations that started after the death of Mahsa Emini in Iran.

The UK has also placed some Iranian officials and organizations on the sanctions list over the execution of former Iranian Deputy Defense Minister Ali Reza Akbari, a British-Iranian dual national accused of “human rights violations in suppressing protests.” and “espionage”. . (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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