Spain arrests man who may have sent letter bomb to Ukrainian embassy

In Spain, a man has been arrested for allegedly sending a series of bombshell letters to, among others, the Spanish prime minister and the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid late last year. The last letter exploded and an employee was injured.

It is a 74-year-old pensioner arrested in his hometown of Miranda de Ebro, in northern Spain. He is suspected of having sent six letter bombs. In addition to the Ukrainian embassy and the Spanish prime minister, the US embassy, ​​an arms factory in Zaragoza and a military airbase near Madrid also received a package.

A man has been arrested in Spain on suspicion of having sent a series of letter bombs to, among other places, the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid. (ANP/AFP)


The letters were sent from Spain between 24 November and 2 December, the recipients all having a connection to the war in Ukraine. The Spanish Interior Ministry has not yet made any further announcements other than that a house search will be carried out in the suspect’s home.

US and European intelligence agencies previously believed a Russian paramilitary group RIM was behind the action, the New York Times reported earlier this week. This Russian imperial movement was on the American list of terrorist organizations in 2020 due to its ultra-nationalist and racist character.

Author: John Luke
Source: BNR


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