He supported Palestine, his contract was terminated!

He supported Palestine, his contract was terminated!

Mainz terminated El Ghazi contract due to Palestinian-Israeli exchange

Mainz, one of the German Bundesliga teams, terminated the contract of Anwar El Ghazi, whom they transferred at the beginning of the season, due to his publication about the Palestine-Israel war.

In the club statement, “FSV Mainz 05 banned Anwar El Ghazi from training and matches. “The restraining order was taken in reaction to the social media post the 28-year-old footballer made on Sunday night, which was later deleted.” It was said.

The statement stated that the club remained neutral regarding the conflict between the two countries and said: “In this publication, El Ghazi adopted a position unacceptable to the club regarding the conflicts in the Middle East. “There was a detailed discussion between the board and the player prior to his release.” Statements were included.

The statement stated that El Ghazi’s position was not in line with the club’s values ​​and said: “Mainz 05 respects the existence of different perspectives on the complex, decades-long Middle East conflict. However, our club clearly stays away from the content of the post because it is not compatible with the values ​​of our club.” saying.


El Ghazi, a Dutch footballer of Moroccan origin who was loaned by Mainz at the beginning of the season, shared on his account the article written by another Instagram user in support of Palestine:

“This is not a war.

When one side cuts off the other’s water, food, and electricity, it is not war.

If one side has nuclear weapons, it is not war.

If one side is funded with billions of dollars, it is not war.

If one side uses AI images to spread misinformation about the other side, it is not war.

If social networks censor the content of one side but not the other, it is not war.

This is not a conflict and it is not a war.

This is genocide and mass destruction, and we are witnessing it live.

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”

Source: Sozcu


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