The price difference between the producer and the market in lemon exceeded 548 percent

The price difference between the producer and the market in lemon exceeded 548 percent

The price difference between the producer and the market in lemon exceeded 548 percent

Şemsi Bayraktar, president of the Turkish Union of Agricultural Chambers (TZOB), stated that the largest difference between production and market prices of some agricultural products in November was observed in lemon with 548.1 percent.

In its statement, Bayraktar assessed the change observed in November between producer prices and market prices in some agricultural products and the reasons for the change.

Bayraktar stated that the largest price difference between the producer and the market in November was observed in lemon with 548.1 percent: “The price difference in lemon was 423.6 percent for orange, 359 .1 percent for mandarin, 305.4 percent for onion and 265.3 percent. “Lettuce and green onion followed with 215.4 percent,” he said.

Bayraktar noted that lemons sold for 6.5 times more, oranges for 5.2 times, tangerines for 4.6 times, onions for 4.1 times, lettuces for 3.7 times and chives to 3.2 times, and gave the following information:

“The lemon, which costs 2 lira and 10 kuruş at the manufacturer, is sold for 13 lira and 61 kuruş, the orange, which costs 4 lira and 50 kuruş, is sold for 23 lira, 50 kuruş, the tangerine, which costs 4 liras and 50 kuruş. kuruş, is sold for 20 lira, 66 kuruş, onion, which costs 3 lira and 50 kuruş, is sold for 14 lira, 19 kuruş and 5 lira costs 86 kuruş.” lire and 41 centimes, and chives, which cost 7 lire and 71 centimes, were sold on the market for 24 lire and 33 centimes.”


Bayraktar stated that in November (October 27 – November 27) compared to the previous month, the prices of 29 out of 37 products on the market increased, 6 of them decreased and 2 products did not change in price, and that the product with The largest price increase in the market was that of cucumber with 69.2 percent.

Bayraktar said the price increase for cucumbers was followed by zucchini with 62 percent, olive oil with 39.5 percent, pistachios with 38.5 percent and green onions with 31.5 percent. percent, and the product with the greatest price decrease in the market was lemon with 17.2 percent. He reported that this product was followed by lettuce with 11.8 percent, tomatoes and red lentils with 11.5 percent, and apples with 2.5 percent.

Bayraktar stated that in November the prices of 29 products increased in 13 of the manufacturers, decreased in 7 of them and there were no price changes in 9 of them, and said:

“The price of lettuce, which last month was 7 lira 71 kuruş for the producer, decreased by 24.1 percent to 5 lira 86 kuruş. The drop in lettuce prices was followed by tomatoes with 21.1 percent, dried beans with 14.2 percent, onions with 11.2 percent and spinach with 2.2 percent. . The largest price increase among producers was recorded in cucumbers, with 113.8 percent. “The rise in cucumber prices was followed by eggplant with 76.1 percent, zucchini with 54.8 percent, apple with 31.6 percent and olive oil with 25.1 percent.” hundred”.


Giving information on the reasons for the change in prices to the producer, Bayraktar stated that the periodic density in the supply of lettuce and the decrease in demand for dry beans caused a drop in prices.

Bayraktar stated that supply increased and prices decreased with the increase in tomato yield and the start of greenhouse production, noting that the prices of these products increased due to the contraction in the supply of cucumber, zucchini, eggplant and pepper. green.

Bayraktar noted that rising costs such as input prices, logistics and labor also increased olive oil prices. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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