Fed Beige Book: Economic activity slowed in the US

Fed Beige Book: Economic activity slowed in the US

The United States Federal Reserve (Fed) reported that economic activity in the country has slowed since October.

The Federal Reserve released the November edition of its “Beige Book” report, which includes assessments of the current state of the U.S. economy. The report prepared with an analysis of 12 branches of the bank states that economic activity has slowed since October, when the previous report was published.

The report states that retail sales continued to follow a mixed course and that sales of discretionary products and durable goods such as furniture and appliances declined on average due to consumers’ greater price sensitivity.

The report states that demand for business loans, especially real estate loans, decreased slightly. The report, which states that consumer lending remains healthy, states that there was a slight increase in consumer defaults at some banks. The report also states that the economic outlook for the next 6 to 12 months has weakened.


The report, which also included labor market assessments, noted that demand for labor continued to decline.

The report states that wage growth remains moderate to moderate in most regions, although some wage pressures remain.

The report also addressed price increases, stating: “Although price increases were largely moderate in all regions, prices remained high.” “Most regions expect moderate price increases to continue next year,” according to the report.

The report states that while freight and shipping costs have decreased for many people, the cost of various food products has increased. The report states that the costs of construction inputs, such as steel and lumber, have stabilized or even decreased, and that the increase in insurance costs in all regions is noteworthy, and that the rising cost of loans in two regions is hampering business growth. (AA)

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