New regulation for investment projects

New regulation for investment projects

The “Communication on Strategic Priority and Technical Evaluation of Investment Projects” prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Technology came into force after its publication in the Official Gazette.

Consequently, applications to be submitted to intermediary banks to receive the Ministry’s evaluation before applying for financing, benefiting from incentives and support for strategic and project-based investment within the scope of the moving program, or producing a product within the scope of the “strategic priority” product list” or “list of technological areas” or development of a product in the field of technology. It can be carried out by investors who have activities and projects aimed at investing in the production of systems based in these technologies.


Investors who want to benefit from the financing program will request financing from the intermediary bank with the opinion letter that they will receive from the Ministry, after evaluation by the Ministry.

Investors who want to apply to receive the Ministry’s evaluation of their projects before applying, will make their applications through the electronic portal created by the Ministry.

As of the date of application, the total investment amount, including R&D expenses, must be at least 1 billion lire.

Investors benefiting from the financing program will not receive any interest support under the incentive certificate issued for their investments.


Requests for evaluation of the investment project by the Ministry prior to the financing request will be qualified by the technical committee and notified to the requesting investor. The technical committee will rate the projects it evaluates based on certain criteria.

The notification of technical committee evaluation made by the Ministry to investors will not lead to the conclusion that investors are entitled to receive financing from the financing program they applied for and will not expose the organization organizing the program in question to any liability. .

The Ministry will announce in whose scope applications for financing programs will be received by conducting a strategic priority and technical evaluation, sub-criteria based on the evaluation and other application conditions.

If the program ends, stops, or the limits assigned to the program are reached, applications will be suspended within the scope of the announcement.

The Ministry may request information on the investment in order to monitor the results of the implementation. The Steering Committee will meet as long and frequently as necessary, at least once a year. (AA)

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