They will sell personal data for 25 cents

They will sell personal data for 25 cents

of the AKP The 80-article general bill presented by deputies to the Turkish Grand National Assembly paves the way for the state to sell the personal data of millions of citizens to individuals and companies in exchange for money. Under the proposed law, all tax information of citizens and companies held by the Revenue Administration (GIB) can be sold for money to third parties and companies other than public institutions. It is anticipated that a participation fee of at least 25 kuruş per registration will be charged in exchange for the information to be sold. Those who acquire other people’s personal tax information with money may not violate the dignity, honor and rights of taxpayers.


With article 15 of the general bill, another duplicate article will be added to the Tax Procedure Act (VUK). According to this article, information from the Revenue Administration system that can be shared with third parties within the scope of article 5 of the VUK, which regulates tax confidentiality, can be shared with public institutions and organizations, natural and legal persons. In exchange for sharing this, a participation fee of no less than 25 cents per returned query or registration will be charged. The amount of the contribution fee will be determined by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, taking into account the number, size and scope of the data consulted or returned, and in the event that the data is shared collectively other than the consultation, the number , size, scope and number of contributors, separately or together. Participation fees will increase each year at the revaluation rate. The participation fees will be paid to the Ministry of Finance at the end of the month following the month in which the notification is made by the Revenue Administration.

Source: Sozcu


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