Taxes, fees and penalties will increase

Taxes, fees and penalties will increase

Treasure and the Revenue Administration of the Ministry of Finance (GİB) decided at the beginning of the year to automatically increase the fixed amounts of taxes, fees and fines by 58.46 percent. Noting that the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) calculated the 12-month producer price index in October at 58.46 percent, GIB stated that according to this calculation, the revaluation rate to be applied in 2024 was determined in 58.46 percent. The GIB decision was published in the Official Gazette and came into force at the beginning of the year. However, President Tayyip Erdoğan has the authority to increase taxes, fees and penalties within the scope of the YDO by 50 percent or reduce them by half.


If President Erdoğan does not use his authority to reduce or increase additional increases, the amount of traffic fines for those who run red lights and exceed the speed limit by 10 to 30 percent will increase. from 951 liras to 1,507 liras from January 1, 2024. Those who are punished for driving while intoxicated for the first time will pay 6,441 liras. The Motor Vehicle Tax (MTV), which has been collected twice this year, will also increase by at least 58.46 percent in 2024. The increase in property taxes will reach 29.23 percent.


A second increase in passport fees and international telephone registration fees was made in July. With the new increases, starting at the beginning of the year, the fee for 1-year passports will increase to 2,397 lira, and the fee for passports valid for 3 years or more will increase to 7,836 lira. Those who bring a phone from abroad will have to pay 31,700 TL at the beginning of the year to register.

The Environmental and Cleaning Tax will also increase

New The fixed amounts of hundreds of taxes, fees and penalties within the scope of YDO will increase by 58.46 percent annually. Among the taxes, fees and penalties that will be increased are the Environmental Cleaning Tax, MTV, Inheritance and Transfer Tax, exemptions, tariff bases, Stamp Tax, Special Communications Tax and traffic fines. Driver’s license, passport, court, notary and other fees, vehicle inspection fees, penalties in tax procedure and misdemeanor laws, and amounts in income tax brackets and tariffs as well They are located at the top.

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