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When is Black Friday, have the discounts started?

Black Friday occurs on the first Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. Black Friday is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year, with retailers offering huge discounts on a wide range of products. Black Friday attracts a lot of attention on both e-commerce sites and in stores.


Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. This day has been considered the start of the Christmas shopping season since 1932.

Black Friday falls on Friday, November 24, 2023.


Black Friday is the name given to the first Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. On this day, retailers mark the beginning of the holiday shopping season by offering deep discounts. Black Friday has spread around the world in recent years and has become a very popular shopping day in Turkey.

Black Friday discounts generally apply to many products, from electronics to clothing, from home goods to toys. Discounts can sometimes reach 50% or even 80%. The most in-demand Black Friday products include smartphones, televisions, computers, appliances, clothing and footwear.

Black Friday is also defined as a shopping day. On this day, customers flock to stores and form long queues to buy discounted products. On Black Friday, fights and chaos can occur in some stores because discounted products sell out.

Black Friday is criticized in some circles and seen as exploitative. The basis for these criticisms is the claim that discounts applied on Black Friday are aimed at reducing retailers’ profit margins and that consumers are encouraged to buy products they do not need.

However, shopping on Black Friday helps liven up the holiday shopping season and provides retailers with an important source of income. Black Friday also offers a significant opportunity for consumers. On this day, they can buy the products they need more affordably by taking advantage of the reduced prices.


Consumer Confederation President Aydın Ağaoğlu issued a security warning against sending fake links to online buyers during this period when many companies offer discounts. Ağaoğlu said: “These may be traps or fake discounts. There is also the risk of being scammed. There are links sent for phishing. “They should also be alert against fake links,” he said. Aykut Karadan, who made purchases on the site by entering the opportunity link sent, became a victim. The shipment that arrived at Karadan contained 3 used pants instead of the 4 pants he had purchased. From the ground, “when they say ‘transparent loading and payment at the door’, people fall into that weakness. You can see his jeans, but these are the ones that come off. “So these are second-hand materials collected from clothing bins.” he said.

In November, many brands organize discount campaigns such as ‘Super Shopping Days’, ‘Legendary Days’ and ‘Black Friday’. During the discount period, some opportunists took steps to defraud consumers. Scammers targeting consumers who turned to e-commerce sites to shop began sending fake links under the name of discounts. President of the Consumer Confederation Aydın Ağaoğlu warned citizens against fake links and scammers. Aykut Karadan, who made online purchases by entering the link sent under the name opportunity link, became a victim. Karadan, who bought 4 pants at the shopping site he visited, received 3 used pants.


Aydın Ağaoğlu, President of the Consumer Confederation, warned against discount traps: “November is a favorable period to trap consumers with discount campaigns. Because consumers who are struggling to meet their needs due to rising inflation rightly expect discounts. But be careful. They could be scams or fake discounts. There is also the risk of being scammed. There are links sent for phishing. When you click on that link, all the information on your device is transferred to the other party. Get well soon, even if your financial or personal information falls into the other party’s hands. Therefore, consumers should never click on links they are not familiar with. “They should also be on the lookout for fake discounts,” he said.


Ağaoğlu said: “Consumers should not click on suspicious links. If you accidentally clicked on it and your information, computer or mobile phone was seized, then the first thing you should do is notify your relatives, run to the Public Ministry and go to the Cyber ​​Crimes Unit and file a report. Because cyber hackers are very dangerous on the Internet and can appear at any time. It’s a good idea to stay away from suspicious links. Those who impersonate shopping sites or even those who imitate the website of the bank we work for try to trap us. The consumer must be attentive in this regard. You must be careful to avoid any problems. “If they find any problem, they should file a complaint with the Public Ministry,” he said.


Aykut Karadan, who entered the fake link sent despite warnings, became a victim. While he was waiting to pick up the 4 pairs of pants he had purchased ashore, 3 pairs of old pants were found in the shipment. Karadan, who has 500 lira, said: “Some shopping links come through social networks. There was a good demand for one of them. I also found it suitable for me; Since I’m a little big, I received a good link to buy wide-size pants. I clicked on it, although I did a little research; Of course, we were confident when they said payment at the door. Our cargo arrived here. There were supposedly 4 pants inside, but there were 3. It is not a wide size, on the contrary, it is a narrow size, and it is second-hand, garbage collected left and right. We complained in necessary places, but the result was zero. They also shut down their website. In the end we lost 500 lira on pants. Of course, people should be more careful; But they lead me to such a conclusion that even I fell into this situation despite making a lot of purchases. They say delivery at the door, payment is like this. The burden comes to your hands. “You think it’s inside you, but you open it and in the end you pay the money and there’s no return,” he said.


Karadan said: “As it turns out, these were old, used jeans. That is, they are goods collected entirely from the trash. Of course, when you say ‘Transparent shipping and payment at door’, people fall into this weakness. You can see his jeans, but these are the ones that come off. So everything is second hand and materials collected from clothing bins. It’s torn, for someone with holes and hems. “So, after all, it’s just garbage collected in boxes of clothes,” he said.


Aykut Karadan said: “I will tell citizens not to be fooled like I did, but to buy from trusted sites and have the opportunity to return them. I didn’t have that opportunity because I sent the money instead of buying directly. I couldn’t find anyone to contact me during the return. I couldn’t return the merchandise to anyone. They did not refund my money nor could I return the merchandise. They have the so-called right to file a complaint and the right to extradition, but we met several times and they said: ‘We will take care of it.’ Now they have completely blocked the phone lines. Currently the telephone lines are blocked. He also warned citizens saying: “When I call the phone, it is busy.” (DHA)

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