They discriminated when distributing cards

They discriminated when distributing cards

SUCCESSORS OF THE EARTHQUAKE It has been revealed that the Red Crescent, which sold its stores during a period when it was outdoors, now discriminates against earthquake victims in the distribution of shopping cards. The Red Crescent launched an app called ‘Esen Card’ to transfer some of the aid collected from charities as cash support to earthquake victims in need. The goal was for earthquake victims to buy their necessities from local merchants with cards loaded with 1,500 lira in cash.


However, it was reported that in practice the cards were distributed only to earthquake victims living in container cities, and earthquake victims stranded on the streets and struggling to survive in difficult conditions were deprived of this right. . Furthermore, it emerged that the people to whom the cards would be distributed were determined “remotely” jointly by the Red Crescent and the Ministry of Family Affairs, ignoring requests from earthquake victims who needed them.


In its website information about the card, the Red Crescent explains that it will provide cash support with the Esen Card to disaster victims in cities affected by the February 6 earthquakes. It is stated that the cards were given to the disaster victims determined as a result of determinations to satisfy their basic needs according to their own preferences, and it is also stated that the 1,500 lira loaded on the cards came from aid. collected from donors. The briefing note clearly states that no requests for the card were received from earthquake victims and that the decision to whom the card would be given was made by the Red Crescent and the Ministry of Family Affairs.


RED CREXINGReally needy earthquake victims, who thought they would receive the 1,500 lira shopping card, asked the Red Crescent and AFAD for help when the cards did not arrive. However, the earthquake victims were very disappointed when they learned that the cards were given only to those who lived in the container city. Hatay Samandağlı earthquake victim Gönül Selçuk SÖZCÜ, whose card application was rejected, said: “If you don’t give us this card, who do you give it to? Are the earthquake victims who are in a difficult situation like us, who do not live in a containing city, citizens of another country? Is there such a distinction between earthquake victims? he lamented.

Source: Sozcu


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