Fines imposed for misleading November discounts

2.7 million Turkish lira fine for misleading advertising of “November discounts”

The Ministry of Commerce and the Advertising Board imposed an administrative fine of 2.7 million lira for advertisements made under the name “November discounts” that did not reflect reality.

The Board also reported that an administrative fine of 92.5 million lira was imposed over 11 months for advertising that deceives, misleads and exploits consumers and for unfair commercial activities.

According to the Ministry, the Advertising Council closely followed the sales campaigns carried out especially this month, called “Legendary November” and “Big Friday”, in which discounts were announced at different rates on numerous products. During the investigations, administrative sanctions were imposed on discount advertisements and sales practices that deceive and mislead consumers and create the perception that more discounts are being offered than are actually offered.

It was decided to impose a suspension sentence and a total administrative fine of 2.7 million lire for 16 discount sales files that were brought to the Board’s agenda.

Although 153 of the 176 files discussed at this month’s meeting were considered to be contrary to the legislation, administrative fines totaling 16.7 million lire, including suspension, were imposed for advertising and commercial activities. in question.


Furthermore, periodic consumer health advertisements were observed to come to the fore with seasonal changes. The Board also monitors and reviews the advertising of products intended for direct consumption, such as dietary supplements and cosmetic products. In this context, administrative sanctions were imposed on advertisements that mislead consumers about their possible benefits, are harmful to public health and are contrary to legislation.

The Board evaluated a total of 1,838 files in 11 months. In addition to the suspension penalty, it was decided to impose a total administrative fine of 92.5 million lire on 1,623 files containing misleading advertising or unfair commercial practices in this area. (AA)

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Source: Sozcu


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