A third of his pension evaporated in 6 months

A third of his pension evaporated in 6 months

Kazım Ergün, president of the Turkish Pensioners Association (TÜED), pointed out that retirees have to pay the price for economic conditions that are worsening day by day, stating: “There is no way to make ends meet with a salary that is almost half of the hunger line and the minimum wage.”

TÜED President Kazım Ergün stated today in his written statement that retirees are going hungry because their pensions are melting due to inflation.

Ergün, who wants the lowest pension (root) to be reduced to the level of the minimum wage in accordance with the realities of the moment and to eliminate complaints from citizens who earned their retirement by paying high premiums, said the following:


“In April 2023, when the minimum retirement payment was increased to 7,500 TL, the retiree could buy 6.02 grams of 24-karat gold with this figure paid. On April 30, 2023, the price per gram of gold was 1,246.26 TL. On October 30, 2023, the price per gram of 24-karat gold increased to 1,820.53 TL. In this case, only 4.12 grams of gold can be purchased with the lowest retirement payment of 7,500 TL.

In other words, 2 grams of gold have evaporated from the retiree’s income in the 6-month period since April 2023, when the increase was made. In other words; This means that the purchasing power of the lowest pensions has eroded by 31.56 percent in the last six months. That means 1/3 has evaporated.”


Stating that the 25 percent increase in July did not raise the basic salary of approximately 6 million retirees above 7,500 TL, Ergün said that retirees suffered a serious loss. Ergün pointed out that the additional payment of 8 thousand 77 TL made to public officials was not reflected in the retirees, causing the retirees to fight against hunger and misery.

In his statement, Ergün said: “We also warn about the amount of 5 thousand TL given to retirees whose payments started these days and who are not working only, and we affirm that the minimum should be 10 thousand TL and that it should be paid straight line to all retirees and their widows and orphans.” He continued as follows:

“This payment is made only once every 100 years. This payment, which has not even been named, is among our retirees; It has also caused discrimination by including the distinction between employees and non-employees on the agenda. “Our retirees, who work and therefore pay taxes to our State and unpaid premiums to our insurance institution, have been punished.”


Stating that he did not consider what retirees were going through to be fair and equitable, Ergün stated that the lowest (root) pension should be reduced to the level of the minimum wage and concluded his statement as follows:

“Our retirees did not consider these events to be fair and equitable. Our retirees, who find themselves in an increasingly difficult fight for survival, want to feel that they are not alone and they want to see our great State and all our politicians by their side. Our wish is that the weight of the economic crisis no longer falls on retirees, that the lowest pension (root) is reduced to the level of the minimum wage in accordance with the realities of the moment, and that the complaints of our citizens that In the same way, those who have earned their retirement by paying high premiums will be eliminated.

Just as our retirees do not have the strength to wait; Now their hopes are ending and they no longer believe in achieving a fair standard of living. We hope that our president will take urgent and effective measures to increase our pensions.” (PHOENIX)

Source: Sozcu


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