The Treasury building lasts 500 years

The Treasury building lasts 500 years

Doğan Tekeli, the architect of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance building in Ankara, which the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization reported had been evacuated because it was “wearing out quickly and could not stand on its own,” said: “We built the building “according to science, taking all kinds of precautions, so that it lasts at least 500 years.” . Discussions continue over whether the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, where Minister Mehmet Şimşek’s office is located, is earthquake-resistant.


Speaking to SÖZCÜ, Doğan Tekeli said that very detailed ground surveys were carried out before the building was constructed and the entire construction was completed in accordance with scientific data. Doğan Tekeli stated that the management of Halkbank, which owned the building at the time, commissioned the General Directorate of Highways to carry out the survey of the land: “The Department of Highways reported that bored piles could not be driven because the land consisted of very hard clay from Ankara, and that the building had to be placed on a balsa foundation. The contracting company still consulted the professor at Boğaziçi University. He also asked for Ergün Toğrul’s opinion. When Toğrul suggested driving piles, they met with the Roads technical committee and finally agreed on the raft base. After load tests, we built a magnificent base with a height of 4 meters. “We laid the foundation 24 hours a day for 10 to 15 days without interruption,” he said.


Tekeli said: “Many contradictory claims are circulating about the lack of durability of the building. I have no doubts about the floor of the building or its seismic resistance. For years, the building was cited as an example of solid construction for engineering and architecture students. “It seemed very strange to me to think about the demolition of a building that is a work of art,” he said.

You will be transferred to the lottery building.

It was learned that a significant part of the staff working in the building, which was decided to evacuate, will be transferred to the National Lottery Administration headquarters building in Kızılay. It was reported that Minister Şimşek and senior management staff have moved to the former Finance Ministry building on Dikmen Street, while some staff will be located in low-rise buildings on the Treasury campus, which also includes the skyscraper to which was given a Hazardous Construction Report.

Architect Dogan Tekeli

‘Nobody called and asked’

Architect Doğan Tekeli said that he has been following the news and rumors about the building from afar and that no one has called him yet and said: “Maybe I can say something that will convince the statists to keep the building. Because I set up the static of the building. There are tubes within the tube, there is a core in the center, columns around it and curtains around the columns that will allow it to swing in all directions. It is an extremely rigid building. “I know the building best and I can help,” he said.

Source: Sozcu


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