We do not leave the general assembly hall empty

We do not leave the general assembly hall empty

Supreme CourtThe ‘surveillance of justice’ initiated by CHP deputies on November 10, following the decision of the Constitutional Court not to abide by the decision, continues. An important part of citizens is unaware of these seizures. Because the journalists who will transmit to the public what is happening in the room are not allowed to enter the press gallery of the General Assembly.


Members of Parliament speak by telephone with television stations and answer questions posed to them. The parliamentarians who take office at 8:30 a.m. hand over their duties to their new friends at 8:30 p.m. The seizure continues uninterruptedly, alternately. CHP Niğde deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer conveyed to SÖZCÜ what happened during the deputies’ 12-hour shifts:


“We do not leave the General Assembly hall empty during duty. When we want to eat something, we take turns. We usually eat bagels, pastries and toast, and drink tea from the tea house. Those who go out to drink tea or eat something come immediately after. This time, our other friends will go out. Here’s why: If no one is left in the living room, we predict that the door will close immediately. “We will not leave to prevent this from happening.”

Parliamentarians are used to working late into the night. That’s why those who take the 8:30 pm shift are chatting among themselves. Around midnight, the eyes slowly close. The parliamentarians rest their heads on the table and sleep. I also learn that even while they sleep, some of them stay awake thinking, “Just in case, just in case.” So, sleep also happens in turns. Gürer goes on to state that even those whose rights were taken away remain silent and society feels intimidated:

CHP parliamentarians visit parliamentarians on duty. The group where Ömer Fethi Gürer was on duty was visited by CHP deputies Engin Altay, Uğur Bayraktutan, Ali Öztunç and Istanbul Democratic Party deputy Cemal Enginyurt.


“No one reacted other than sending us emails. Citizens do not think that one day they will lose their rights and even the right to property will cease to have meaning. This becomes a stimulating and reminding form of action. Society is not sufficiently aware of our actions. Because members of the press are not allowed on the rostrum of the general assembly. That is why it is not possible to disseminate it to the public. The president also communicated by telephone with the general assembly. “If the press could see it, it would be more publicized.”

Source: Sozcu


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