Take a look at the jobs available for young people in the age of technology

Take a look at the jobs available for young people in the age of technology

Take a look at the jobs available for young people in the age of technology

The government, which has created an army of skilled and unskilled unemployed youth due to the unskilled universities it has opened across the country, aims to employ unemployed youth in elderly care jobs rather than directing them towards technology.

Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Işıkhan asked opposition parliamentarians at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey’s Planning and Budget Commission: “In the development plan, you say that you will find employment for 5 million people In 5 years, where will they provide this? How much employment?” On this issue he highlighted the employment of young people and the care of the elderly, the disabled and Alzheimer’s patients.

Minister Işıkhan stated that he considers the care of the elderly and disabled people to be very important as a teacher of social policy and said: “Just as the world ages, Turkey also ages. The rate of dementia and related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, is increasing. It must be said clearly that today there is an Alzheimer’s patient in every home. This must be accepted now. “God forbid, but this has no cure,” he said.

Işıkhan continued as follows:

“The issue of maintenance comes to our agenda as a very important issue. Hopefully, by directing the young workforce into this care sector, we will create jobs, not 5 million, but perhaps even more. However, I know very well that we have to work to increase our motivation to work and our motivation for young people.”


According to official TÜİK data, in August 17.2 percent of the young population between 15 and 24 years old was unemployed.

This rate, which doubles the general unemployment rate, shows that even official records indicate that more than 6 million young people are unemployed.


Minister Işıkhan stated that Izmit Municipality offered 435 real estate properties in exchange for its total debt of 318.8 million lira to SGK, including companies, but SGK imposed a lien on all real estate properties of the municipality on the grounds that There were bugs on the island. and parcel numbers.

Reacting to this statement, CHP member Cavit Arı said: “How many municipalities have AKP seized so far, Mr. Minister? Name a municipality with AKP support. “It is obvious that you, as a government, are discriminatory,” he said. Minister Işıkhan said that he would give a written answer to this question.

Source: Sozcu


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