The State will receive 253.5 billion lira in taxes in 2024

The State will receive 253.5 billion lira in taxes in 2024

The State will receive 253.5 billion lira in taxes in 2024

An income of 253 thousand 506 million 501 thousand liras is expected next year from fees.

According to information compiled from the 2024 Central Government Budget Bill, the largest contribution to the 253 billion 506 million 501 thousand lira fee revenue expected to be collected in the new year will come from securities fees. property with 137 billion 101 million 272 thousand liras. .

Those who buy and sell real estate will pay 54.1 percent of the rate expected to be collected next year.

It is estimated that the State will collect 33,938,855,000 liras in court fees in 2024. In addition, 3,825,89,000 liras in revenue from commercial registration fees, 506,878,000 liras in revenue from registration fees are expected. commercial registry and 29 billion 606 million 888 thousand liras from other income from court fees.

It is estimated that income of 9,852,593,000 liras will be obtained from notarial fees and 14,494,645,000 liras from passport and consular fees.

It is estimated that 8 thousand 74 million 881 thousand liras will be contributed to the budget from traffic rights.

During this period, it is expected to collect 339 million 624 thousand lire in maritime and port taxes, 1 billion 182 million 876 thousand lire in privilege rights, licenses and diplomas, and 10 million 358 thousand lire in jurisdiction fees. fiscal.

Next year, it is expected to obtain income of 48 thousand 511 million 397 thousand liras under the concept of “other fees.” Other fees include items such as international departure fees, which are estimated at 2 billion 307 million 96 thousand lira, private security fees, which amount to 552 million 888 thousand lira, and Turkish international ship registration and tonnage fees, which amount to 170 million 39 thousand. lire.

The fees to be charged and their amounts according to the 2024 budget are as follows:

Fee thousand lire
Court fees 33,938,855
Notary fees 9,852,593
title fees 137,101,272
Passport and consular fees 14,494,645
Ship and port rates 339,624
Award, license and diploma fees 1,182,876
Traffic rates 8,074,881
Other charges 48,511,397
Tax jurisdiction fees 10,358
Total 253,506,501


notarial traffic

Source: Sozcu


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