Witch hunt by Western companies for those who criticize Israel

Witch hunt by Western companies for those who criticize Israel

Witch hunt by Western companies for those who criticize Israel

The Palestinian-Israeli war shook up technology and business in the West. Businessmen and students who criticized Israel’s attacks on Gaza were the subject of a witch hunt in many media outlets.

The founder of Web Summit, one of the world’s most important entrepreneurship and technology events, apologized for the threats that followed his comments criticizing the West’s support for Israel.

“I am dismayed by the rhetoric and actions of many Western leaders and governments, with the exception of the Irish government, which for once has done the right thing,” Paddy Cosgrave said on social media Friday in response to the Israeli attacks on Gaza. . “Even if war crimes are committed by allies, they are war crimes and must be revealed for what they are,” he said.


These words were attacked by big technology entrepreneurs. Tech figures such as Y Combinator CEO Garry Tan, Sequoia Capital investor Ravi Gupta, rechargeable battery company Addionics CEO Moshiel Biton, and Angular Ventures partner Gil Dibner announced they have resigned to attend the summit scheduled to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, in November. .

Following threats about the event, which will host 70,000 people, Cosgrave issued a message of apology. “Hamas’ actions are evil, repugnant and monstrous,” Cosgrave said in a nearly 600-word apology. Cosgrave claimed that he asked Israel “not to exceed the limits of international law in response to Hamas oppression,” but his words were misinterpreted.


The witch hunt over criticism of Israel in the Western world was not limited to the Web Summit. A law firm’s job offer to a New York University law student was canceled because the student made “provocative comments” after criticizing Israel.

“Full responsibility for this tremendous loss of life lies with Israel,” Ryna Workman, the university’s student body president, wrote in the student union newsletter on Tuesday. This regime of violence created the conditions that made resistance necessary. “I will not condemn the Palestinian resistance,” she wrote.

In the afternoon hours of the day of the incident, the law firm Winston & Strawn said the comments were deeply at odds with its values ​​and rescinded the job offer without naming the student.


Last week, a group of Harvard students also wrote a letter blaming Israel for the violence.

The letter received wide coverage, but according to Bill Ackman, a prominent US hedge fund manager, some high-level managers asked for a list of members of student organizations to ensure that none of the students who signed the letter were recruited.

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