Biden’s family is against withdrawing from the election campaign

US President Joe Biden’s family is reportedly urging the 81-year-old to continue his bid for the White House following his defeat in a televised duel against challenger Donald Trump. His relatives offered the Democrat their “unlimited support” at a family meeting at Camp David, the US president’s country estate near Washington, CNN reported, citing two unnamed Biden advisers. The New York Times also wrote, citing Biden’s entourage, that his family advocates for the Democrat not to give up, despite his criticized appearance in a televised fight against Republican Trump.

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TV duel
‘He Can’t Hit a Ball 50 Meters’: Biden and Trump Also Argue About Golf


Will Joe Biden resign now?

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a comment
Will Joe Biden resign now?
Biden can't score points in TV duel against Trump
US elections
Biden can’t score points in TV duel against Trump

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