Warning to Israel: Massive civilian casualties must not be repeated

Blinken’s warning to Israel: heavy civilian losses must not be repeated

The US Secretary of State, Blinken, made a statement at the press conference held in Tel Aviv after his contacts in Israel and Palestine, where he arrived as part of his third tour of the Middle East since October 7.

Stating that they are working to expand the “humanitarian rupture” and prisoner exchange reached between Israel and Hamas, Blinken affirmed that they will continue to work for the release of all Israeli prisoners.

In his meetings yesterday, Blinken said that if the Israeli army launches attacks again, safe zones should be created in central and southern Gaza, preventing forced migration of Palestinians in the region, without attacking critical structures that are closely related to the human life. such as hospitals and water purification, and eventually allowing displaced Palestinians to return to their homes. He noted that he conveyed his warnings, such as providing opportunities, to the Israeli authorities.


Blinken affirmed that Washington remains supportive of Israel’s goal of “overthrowing Hamas” in Gaza and said, “Israel must act according to the rules of war.” he said.

Reiterating the United States’ call for Israel to “implement plans to further reduce civilian casualties” before launching its attacks on southern Gaza, Blinken said:

“The massive loss of civilians and displacement of civilians in northern Gaza must not be repeated in the south. How Israel defends itself is important. “As I told Prime Minister (Netanyahu), the intention is important, but the results are also important.”

Blinken said Netanyahu and the Israeli War Cabinet accepted “the approach expressed by the United States to avoid civilian casualties in the attacks on Gaza” during their meeting on Thursday. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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