Gaza crisis between Israel and Spain

Gaza crisis between Israel and Spain

Israeli Foreign Minister Cohen blamed Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez in his statement on the social media platform Israel in Madrid for consultations.

Cohen noted that attacks on Gaza will continue “until Hamas is eliminated and all Israeli prisoners are released.”


On the other hand, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the Spanish ambassador in Tel Aviv to be summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in West Jerusalem over Sánchez’s words.

The statement from the Prime Minister’s Press Service states that Netanyahu requested the summons of the Spanish ambassador to the Ministry in reaction to Sánchez’s statements.

Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez said in a statement to state television RTVE: “We have seen Israel systematically occupy Palestinian lands, the West Bank. “Now we see what is happening in Gaza.” He used the following expressions.

Referring to Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip, Sánchez said: “The images we saw, and especially the deaths of girls and boys, frankly raise my doubts about Israel’s compliance with international human rights.” he said. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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