Britain sent its sixth military ship to the Persian Gulf

Britain sent its sixth military ship to the Persian Gulf

According to a statement from the British Ministry of Defense, the destroyer HMS Diamond was sent to the region as part of Operation Kipion, with which Great Britain continues to “maintain security and stability” in the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.

The ship, which was sent to ensure the safe navigation of civil and commercial vessels as well as to create a deterrent structure against “aggressive actors” who could disrupt maritime security in the region, will join the Royal Navy’s five ships currently in service, consisting of mine hunters and destroyers.

It was recalled that British ships have been operating in the region since 1980 and Operation Kipion began in 2011.

It was shared that a significant portion of the UK’s oil and liquefied natural gas needs are transported through the Persian Gulf.

It was claimed that 50 commercial ships pass through the Bab’ul Mandeb Strait daily, the gateway from the Persian Gulf to the Indian Ocean.

Defense Minister Grant Shapps, whose assessments were included in the statement, noted that the Middle East is at a critical point for global security and stability and said: “Joint efforts to reduce tension following the renewed conflict in Israel and Gaza and the MV Galaxy Leader ship attack against the Houthis in the Red Sea.” “Given Britain’s illegal seizure of power, it is vital that our presence in the region is strengthened to protect Britain and our interests from a more unstable world.” he said.

In another statement from the ministry, a Royal Navy task force for the security of submarine cables in the Baltic Sea will be sent to the region. The task force will operate with the Joint Expeditionary Force made up of the United Kingdom, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.

After October 7, Britain also announced that it would deploy two Royal Navy ships and maritime surveillance and patrol aircraft to the eastern Mediterranean to support Israel. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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