The accidents of American fighter jets are endless… They crashed into the ocean

Accidents continue in American fighter planes… They crashed into the ocean

A V-22 Osprey fighter jet belonging to the US military crashed into the ocean west of Japan.

Japanese Coast Guard officials reported that the plane’s engine was seen catching fire in the incident near Yakushima Island.

The US military announced that they were attempting to gather information about the incident and the condition of the 8 people on the plane.

It is noteworthy that lately there have been frequent accidents of American fighter aircraft. In August, a US fighter plane crashed during an exercise, killing 3 soldiers.

Last month, a US military plane carrying out training activities in the eastern Mediterranean crashed. It was announced that five soldiers from the training plane lost their lives.

Furthermore, the frequent crashes of Osprey fighter jets used by US forces in the Pacific have long been the subject of controversy.

American soldier accident in Japan

Source: Sozcu


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