‘Thank you letter’ to Hamas from freed Israeli hostage

‘Thank you letter’ to Hamas from freed Israeli hostage

As the prisoner exchange continued in the temporary ceasefire between Hamas and Israel that began last week, the “letter of gratitude” that one of the freed Israelis allegedly wrote to Hamas caused controversy.

Hamas published the letter it claimed was written to them by Israeli Danielle Aloni, who was released with her five-year-old daughter Emilia. In the letter: “To the generals who accompanied us in recent weeks… I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the extraordinary humanity you showed me and my daughter. You treated him like family. You invited him to your room whenever he wanted. He considers them all very good friends of his. Thank you for taking care of him for hours. “My daughter now thinks she is the queen of Gaza.”

While the accuracy of the letter cannot be confirmed, it is also claimed that the Israeli woman may have been forced to write it.

Images of some Israeli hostages released by Hamas waving and smiling at militants have created controversy for some time. Israel, which prohibits freed hostages from speaking to the press, calls these images “Hamas propaganda.”

Aloni (center) shouted at Netanyahu: “You are killing us,” in the video released by Hamas last month.


Danielle Aloni, who was kidnapped with her daughter during the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, had harsh words for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in video taken while she was held hostage last month.

Aloni, one of the three hostages in the video released by Hamas, addressed Netanyahu and said: “We endure your misfortune in the political, military and security fields. Because you were wrong on October 7th. Because there was no army there, no one came, no one protected us. Are you killing us, do you want to kill us all? “Do they want to kill us all with the Israeli army? Is it not enough to massacre everyone, is it not enough to kill Israeli citizens?” he said.

Netanyahu described the video as “cruel psychological propaganda.”

Source: Sozcu


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