UN call to North Korea

UN call to North Korea

Khaled Khiari, UN assistant secretary-general for the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, criticized North Korea’s constitutional amendment, which promises to accelerate nuclear weapons production.

Stating that North Korea has further clarified its nuclear weapons policy in the country’s constitution, Khiari said: “We once again call on North Korea to avoid such actions.” saying.

“North Korea continually demonstrates its intention to continue its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs in violation of UN Security Council resolutions,” Khiari said. he said.

Today, North Korea accepted the constitutional amendment to increase nuclear weapons.


North Korea attempted to launch a military spy satellite on May 31, but the attempt failed due to a malfunction in the carrier rocket system. The Pyongyang administration described this attempt as the “most serious mistake” of the first half of the year.

North Korea announced that the satellite would be “successfully” re-launched shortly, despite international condemnation.

The Pyongyang administration made a second attempt to launch a spy satellite on August 23, but announced that it also failed. After this failed attempt, North Korea announced that it would try again in October.

North Korea launched for the third time, on November 21, a rocket carrying a spy satellite towards the south.

South Korea then announced on Nov. 22 that it had suspended some provisions of the agreement it signed with North Korea in 2018, which aimed to reduce military tension in the region.

North Korea announced that it terminated the agreement on November 23.

Foreign ministers of the G7 countries strongly condemned North Korea’s launch of a rocket carrying a spy satellite into orbit on November 22.

The UN Security Council has been imposing economic and military sanctions on North Korea since 2006 over its nuclear program. (AA)

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