Last day of the ceasefire… Tension in the prisoner exchange

Last day of the ceasefire… Tension in the prisoner exchange

Israel and Hamas expressed concern over lists of Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners expected to be released today, the last day of the ceasefire.

An official with knowledge of the matter told Reuters that Qatari mediators were working with Israel and Hamas to resolve the issues and avoid delays.

While Hamas announced that it wanted to extend the ceasefire, Israel offered to extend it one more day for every ten hostages released and announced that it would release three times as many Palestinian prisoners each time. The official, who did not want to reveal his name, said: “There is a small problem with today’s listing. “The Qataris are working with both sides to resolve the issue and avoid delays,” he said.


Israel announced that it received the list of the last freed hostages at midnight yesterday. The statement made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said the list was being reviewed and more information would be provided when possible.

While Hamas yesterday freed 17 hostages, including a four-year-old Israeli girl, an American citizen, increasing the number of hostages freed to 58, Israel also freed 39 young prisoners yesterday, raising the total number of prisoners released since the beginning of the ceasefire. fire at 117.

Hamas announced that it had freed 13 Israeli citizens, three Thais and three Russians, while the International Committee of the Red Cross confirmed that it had safely transferred all hostages from Gaza.

US President Joe Biden said he hopes the temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas will be extended as long as the release of hostages continues. (Reuters)

Source: Sozcu


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