Freed Palestinian boy speaks out about violence in Israeli captivity

Freed Palestinian boy speaks out about violence in Israeli captivity

Osama Nayef Marmaş, one of the Palestinian children released under the prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas, said they were beaten in prison every week.

Under the prisoner exchange agreement between Israel and Hamas, 40 Israeli prisoners, one of whom is a man and the others are women and children, have been released from the Gaza Strip and 117 Palestinian women and children from Israeli prisons have been released so far. Marmaş, one of the freed Palestinian children, was arrested 5 months ago in the city of Nablus, in the north of the occupied West Bank.

Marmaş said that he has been detained as an “administrative detainee” in an Israeli prison for 5 months. Marmaş stated that Palestinians in Israeli prisons learned about the prisoner exchange agreement between Hamas and Israel on November 24, when the first group was released, and he continued his words as follows:

“After waking up in the morning and washing my face, I read the Holy Quran for a while and then I saw that Israeli soldiers were walking around the rooms to determine the names of the prisoners who would be released, and my name was also on the list. “


Marmaş claimed that they were taken from Ofer Prison in Israel and said: “They made us wait in the cold in Ofer Prison from 08:00 in the morning until officials from the International Committee of the Red Cross arrived.” The freed Palestinian boy said that the Israeli soldiers only gave him a thin blanket when it was cold and said: “They came to beat us every week. “They also took all our clothes, blankets and beds,” he said.

Palestinian boy Marmaş said that once Israeli soldiers sprayed water on Palestinians in prison, even though the weather was very cold. Marmaş also claimed that they were given a small amount of food and bread.

The Palestinian child prisoner, who was glad to be released, expressed his great sorrow for the dead in the blockaded Gaza Strip, which was subjected to intense attacks by the Israeli army.

The agreement regarding a four-day humanitarian pause in the fighting between Israel and Hamas came into force at 07:00 (08:00 Turkish time) on Friday, November 24. Under the agreement, an agreement was reached to release 150 Palestinians in Israeli prisons in exchange for 50 Israeli prisoners held by Hamas. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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