Turkish captains were kidnapped, the US Navy intervened

Turkish captains were kidnapped, the US Navy intervened

A happy ending occurred in the panic that occurred on an oil tanker called Central Park, operated by the Zodiac company and used by Turkish captains…

US officials made a statement about the incident, which was hijacked yesterday by unidentified attackers off the coast of the Gulf of Aden and described as a “suspected piracy incident.”

The US Navy announced that the call for help was answered and the ship was rescued, stating that the crew was safe. While the identity of the attackers was not revealed, it was also announced that the ship was carrying phosphoric acid.

It was claimed that a US Navy ship called the USS Mason intervened on the ship and managed to drive off the attackers. The statement said: “Five gunmen escaped in speedboats, were pursued by American warships, but eventually surrendered.”

During the incident, it was announced that two ballistic missiles were launched from the Houthi-controlled region in Yemen, and were observed to fall far from the ships USS Mason and Central Park.

Before the incident, which was similar to attacks in the Middle East seas that have been carried out since October 7, a similar attack occurred in the Red Sea last week. The Houthis in Yemen had seized a cargo ship linked to Israel.

While the chemical vessel Central Park, whose captains are Turkish, is managed by Zodiac Maritime, based in England, this company is owned by the Israeli Ofer family. The phosphoric acid found in the vehicle is generally used in agriculture. It was also noted that, in addition to the Turkish captain, citizens of Russia, Vietnam, Bulgaria, India, Georgia and the Philippines were on board.

Source: Sozcu


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