700,000 people cannot access basic services in Gaza

700,000 people cannot access basic services in Gaza

In his statement, Gaza Mayor Yahya e-Serrac in Palestine stated that the destruction in Gaza is enormous and the problems continue.

Emphasizing that approximately 700,000 people need basic services in the northern Gaza Strip, Serrac said that for first aid and search and rescue teams to function, it is necessary to open roads, operate wells and stations, and collect garbage. and transferred to the garbage collection area in the Juhr al-Dik region, east of the city.

Serrac stated that they need fuel to provide these services, but so far not a liter of fuel has entered Gaza City.

Recalling that 200 aid trucks are expected to enter the Gaza Strip today, Serrac stressed that there is an urgent need for food, water and electricity, especially fuel, especially in the northern regions. (AA)

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Source: Sozcu


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