Surprising EU report… Polluted air killed 400 thousand people

Surprising EU report… Polluted air killed 400,000 people

The health effects of air pollution are frequently mentioned. A previous study had found that exposure to air pollution was associated with the development of depression and anxiety in people. Other research shows that polluted air; He found that it also caused health problems such as low blood pressure and Parkinson’s disease in adolescents.

Now, a new report published by the EU reveals the dire consequences of air pollution.

The report, published on Friday, states that approximately 400,000 deaths in Europe in 2021 were associated with air pollution and that some could be prevented if air pollutants were reduced to levels recommended by the World Health Organization.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) stated that fine particle pollution within the European Union, which especially affects people with heart disease, caused 253,000 deaths in 2021. Nitrogen dioxide pollution is most harmful for people with diabetes and has caused 55,000 deaths. In addition, brief exposure to ozone caused 22 thousand deaths.


In its 2021 report published on Friday, the EEA stated that 389,000 deaths occurred in Europe due to pollutants:

“In 2021, air pollutants remained well above the levels recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) in its air quality guidelines. “Reducing air pollution to targeted levels will prevent major deaths in EU member states.”

While the highest number of deaths from fine particle pollution in 2021 occurred in Poland, Italy and Germany; Northern European countries such as Iceland, Scandinavia and Estonia are among the least affected.

According to the report, most deaths due to air pollution caused by nitrogen dioxide and short-term exposure to ozone occurred in Turkey, Italy and Germany.

Source: Sozcu


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