New York Mayor Who Allegedly Took Bribes from Turkey Now Charged with Rape

New York Mayor Who Allegedly Took Bribes from Turkey Now Charged with Rape

A lawsuit has been filed against New York Mayor Eric Adams, who has fallen on hard times over allegations he received bribes from Turkey, on sexual assault charges.

Yesterday it was reported that a woman accused Democratic New York Mayor Eric Adams of sexually assaulting her in 1993, when they worked together at New York City Hall. Court documents show that the woman demanded at least $5 million in compensation from Adams.

A spokesman for Eric Adams denied the sexual assault allegation and claimed that the New York City mayor did not know the woman who accused him. A council spokesman said: “The mayor does not know who this person is. If they ever had a date, he doesn’t remember it. “He does not take any action that could cause physical harm to another person,” he said.


The New York Times wrote that Adams, known as a “friend of Turkey,” was accused of receiving illegal donations from some sources, including the Turkish government, during the 2021 election campaign.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confiscated Adams’ electronic devices on November 6 and raided the homes of people associated with the mayor. Cenk Öcal, former CEO of Turkish Airlines in New York, was among those whose homes were raided by the FBI.

Source: Sozcu


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