BBC employees surprised: our institution takes a pro-Israel stance

BBC employees surprised: our institution takes a pro-Israel stance

According to Al Jazeera news, 8 UK-based BBC employees sent a 2,300-word letter to Al Jazeera.

In the letter, the journalists accused their institutions of having a biased attitude in favor of Israel.

The letter claimed that the BBC, which adopted a “reckless” attitude in its reporting on alleged Russian war crimes in Ukraine, applied “double standards in the way civilians are viewed” in the Israel issue. -Palestine.

“By failing to critically address Israel’s allegations, the BBC has failed to tell the story accurately and has therefore failed to help the public understand the human rights violations taking place in Gaza,” the letter said.

Noting that thousands of Palestinians have been killed since October 7, the letter asks: “When will this figure be high enough to change our editorial stance?” It was said.


BBC reporters claimed in the letter that the institution used terms such as “massacre” and “brutality” “only for Hamas and portrayed Hamas as the sole instigator and perpetrator of violence in the region.

“We call on the BBC to better reflect and give credence to the evidence-based findings of official and impartial humanitarian organisations,” the letter said. The statement was included.

BBC staff also called on their organization to “ensure that equal treatment of all civilians is at the heart of its reporting.”

The letter noted that BBC broadcasts gave extensive coverage to the Israelis who lost their lives in the attacks. In the letter, “On the other hand, humanitarian publications aimed at Palestinian civilians continued to be lacking. It is a weak excuse to say that the BBC was unable to cover Gaza stories better due to difficulties in accessing the Gaza Strip. This can be achieved, for example, by telling and following individual stories over weeks. “Little attempts have been made to take full advantage of the abundance of social media content from brave journalists in Gaza and the West Bank,” he said.

The letter also claimed that the BBC failed to provide its viewers with important information about the history of the Israeli occupation and the suffering of Palestinians.


In an email to Al Jazeera, a BBC spokesperson responded to the allegations by saying: “Throughout our coverage of the conflict, the BBC has clearly demonstrated the devastating human cost for civilians living in Gaza and Israel.” he answered.

The spokesperson also sent a list of examples from the BBC’s coverage of the war and human stories of Palestinian suffering.

Source: Sozcu


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