Israel attacks school where Palestinians take refuge

Israel attacks school where Palestinians take refuge

Israel’s attacks on Gaza continue. The statement from the official Palestinian news agency said: “The Israeli army attacked a UN school where people forcibly displaced in the Gaza Strip took refuge, killing 27 people.” A statement from the Palestinian government on the attack is expected.


In a written statement from the Palestinian Red Crescent, it was stated that a 12-year-old boy was shot in the chest with a live bullet as a result of open fire by Israeli forces in the town of Beyta, Nablus.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health also announced the death of 12-year-old Muhammed Ibrahim Fuad Udeyli, who was seriously injured in the conflict in the city of Beyta.

According to data from the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the number of Palestinians killed in attacks by Israeli forces and Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem since October 7 has risen to 229.

Approximately 2,900 Palestinians have been injured in the West Bank since October 7 in these attacks.


The Gaza Strip government’s Media Office issued a written statement on the situation in the region.

According to the statement, the number of people killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7 has risen to 14,854, including more than 6,150 children and more than 4,000 women.

The number of wounded in the attacks exceeded 36,000, of whom 75 percent were women and children.

Israel committed more than 1,400 massacres against Palestinian families in Gaza.

Approximately 7,000 people, including more than 4,700 women and children, are missing, whose bodies remain in the rubble of destroyed buildings or in the streets during Israeli attacks. (AA)

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