Turkish parliamentarians resign from SYRIZA in Greece

Turkish parliamentarians resign from SYRIZA in Greece

In Greece, nine deputies, including two Turks from Western Thrace, decided to resign from the main opposition party, the Radical Left Alliance (SYRIZA).

Nine parliamentarians, including those who served as ministers in the SYRIZA government, announced their decision to resign in a letter they sent to the party secretariat.

In addition to Efi Ahçioğlu, Sia Anagnostopulu, Nasos İliopoulos, Dimitris Canakopulos, Meropi Cufi, Theano Fotiu, Aleksis Hariçis, SYRIZA’s Western Thrace Turkish MPs Hüseyin Zeybek and Özgür Ferhat also left the party.

In their statement, the parliamentarians noted that the general elections in May and June brought the New Democracy Party forcefully to power and warned that the political axis in the country was shifting to the right and the extreme right.

The statement noted that SYRIZA was experiencing a crisis of disintegration and said: “The new leader and leadership of the party refuse to understand and discuss the political essence of the problem.” The expression was used. In the statement, the new leader of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kaselakis, stated: “He has been democratically elected, but he continues his path in an undemocratic way. “He is tearing the party apart.” The assessment was made.

SYRIZA, which won the right to be represented with 47 deputies in the 300-seat parliament in the general elections held in June 2023, two deputies left the party at the beginning of November and with this latest break the number of seats in parliament fell to 36. (BRITISH AUTOMOBILE CLUB)

Source: Sozcu


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