Gaza death toll approaches 15,000

Gaza death toll approaches 15,000

The Gaza government’s Media Office, in a statement on its Telegram account about the situation in the Gaza Strip on the 47th day of the attacks, stated that 69 percent of those killed in Gaza since October 7 were Women and children.

The statement indicated that the number of deaths in Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip increased by 404 people from yesterday to today, reaching 14,532. It was recorded that approximately 6,000 of the dead were children and approximately 4,000 were women. .

The statement reported that 7,000 people are missing, more than 4,700 of whom were women and children, whose bodies were left in the rubble of destroyed buildings or in the streets during the Israeli attacks.

It was highlighted that Israel killed 205 health workers, 25 civil defense officers and 64 journalists in the Gaza Strip in 47 days.

The statement states that the number of injured exceeded 35,000, of which more than 75 percent were women and children.


It was recorded that 102 public buildings were destroyed, 266 schools were damaged and 67 of them were put out of service during the Israeli attacks.

The statement states that Israel completely destroyed 85 mosques and damaged 174 mosques and 3 churches with its attacks.

The statement states that the number of houses destroyed in the Gaza Strip reached 45,000 and that 233,000 houses were damaged, so more than 60 percent of the houses in the Gaza Strip were damaged during the Israeli attacks.

The statement highlighted that Israel deliberately attacked hospitals and stated that 26 hospitals and 55 health centers in the Gaza Strip were out of service, 56 ambulances were unusable and dozens of them could not provide service due to lack of fuel. .

It was noted that it continues Israel’s policy of attacking hospitals and health centers and killing medical staff to deliberately eliminate the health sector as part of the war against hospitals.

The statement held that Israel and the international community were fully responsible for the crimes committed in the Gaza Strip and in the hospitals, and called on the “free” countries of the world to liberate the hospitals and press for this war and crimes to be stopped. stopped completely. . (AA)

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