Russian actress was murdered while singing to soldiers

Russian actress was murdered while singing to soldiers

Actress and director Polina Menshikh was murdered while performing for Russian soldiers in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine.

Menshikh, 40, appeared on stage as part of a military celebration on Sunday, November 19.

In footage taken in the hall, which is said to hold 150 people, Menshikh is seen singing to Russian soldiers and playing the guitar before the explosion.

Meanwhile, an explosion is heard, the power goes out and the recording ends.

Menshikh, whose death was confirmed by his colleagues, was claimed to have been hospitalized after the attack but did not survive.

Ukrainian army officials confirmed the attack on November 19 in a statement to the BBC.

After the attack, the concentration of many soldiers at the same time and in the same place in Russia was criticized.

Source: Sozcu


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