Putin: Isn’t the massacre of civilians in Palestine shocking?

Putin: Isn’t the massacre of civilians in Palestine shocking?

Russian President Putin attended the G20 Leaders Summit held online via video conference. Speaking about some leaders’ assessments at the summit on the war in Ukraine, Putin said: “Some leaders declared in their speeches that they were shocked by ‘Russia’s current aggression in Ukraine.’ Yes, of course military action is always a tragedy for a country. “We must think about how to stop this tragedy,” he said.

Stating that Ukraine rejected negotiations with Russia, Putin said: “Russia has never rejected negotiations with Ukraine. It was Ukraine, not Russia, that publicly announced its withdrawal from the negotiating process. In addition, the heads of state signed a decree prohibiting such negotiations with Russia.” saying.

Putin stated that war is always a tragic event and said:

“I understand that this war, the loss of life, is shocking. Isn’t the bloody coup in Ukraine in 2014 and the subsequent war waged by the kyiv regime against its own people in Donbas shocking? Isn’t it shocking that civilians are being massacred in Palestine and the Gaza Strip? Isn’t it surprising that doctors perform surgeries on children and use scalpels on children’s bodies without anesthesia? Isn’t it shocking that the Secretary-General of the United Nations says that Gaza has become a huge children’s cemetery?


Emphasizing that the world is undergoing a process of fundamental transformation, Putin said: “Strong new centers of global economic development are emerging. A significant portion of global investment, trade and consumer activity is moving to Asia, Africa and Latin America, regions where most of the world’s population lives. he said.

Explaining that the problems experienced in the global economy are caused by the malicious macroeconomic policies of some countries, Putin said: “The injection of trillions of dollars and euros into the economy and the banking system has caused a rapid rise in inflation global food and energy prices.” he made the assessment of it.

Putin said some unfair measures were taken in trade competition, and the “terrorist attack” on the Nord Stream pipeline was an example of that. (AA)

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