It was revealed why thousands of Turkish citizens had their German visa applications rejected

It was revealed why thousands of Turkish citizens had their German visa applications rejected

A notable claim has been made regarding the “Schengen visa crisis”, which has been on the public agenda more recently…

While visa applications from Turks wishing to visit European Union member countries have been rejected at an unprecedented rate in recent months, the German media claim has risen to the top of the agenda.

The German government announced that last year it issued visas to 1,260,000 people. Turkish citizens are first in line to apply for visas. While there were 214,944 applications from Turkey last year, there were 117,181 applications from India, which has a population of 1.5 billion.

Russians ranked third in visa applications with 60,700 applications. While Germany stated that visas were granted to 1,260,000 people, this year’s statement did not specify the percentage of visas rejected.

Germany cited the “delicate situation caused by the influx of migrants into the country” as the reason for not disclosing information about visa rejections. This information was provided only to parliamentarians.


Last year, the visa rejection rate for Turks exceeded 20 percent. It is believed that according to the latest data the figures are similar and the visa applications of more than 40,000 Turks were rejected.

However, a very important and unknown detail about the visa denial was reported by the newspaper Die Zeit, which reported on the complaints of Turks about the visa denial.

“Die Zeit”,Sky blue ink is not accepted. In fact, the formalities make it difficult to achieve successful visa outcomes. Even the color of the pen can cause documents to not be accepted. For example, fountain pens with sky blue ink are not accepted. “You can’t tell this, the app doesn’t specify a color,” he wrote.


Those who used a fountain pen or blue ballpoint pen, filled out forms with them, or had blue letters on their documents were likely to be denied visas.

While it is claimed that Turks pay an average of 110 million euros per year for visa applications and most of it is wasted, many academics who urgently need visas for education, panels, health and various activities continue to face visa problems.

The fact that Germany did not include the “sky blue pen” detail among the reasons for visa rejection raised many questions.


The reasons for visa rejection in Germany are generally: “Your documents are insufficient. The purpose of his stay is unclear. The existence of a family or kinship relationship was not considered credible. His invitation has not been confirmed or proven. “Your vacation information does not match the visa requested.”

But none of the rejection responses claim that the visas were rejected because the pen or color used on the documents was blue.

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