Spy satellite crisis in Korea… They are monitoring the US base

Spy satellite crisis in Korea… They are monitoring the US base.

North Korea claimed that they had taken photographs of the US air base in the Guam region of Micronesia with the “Malligyong-1” spy satellite.

According to Yonhap, the North’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) claimed that the spy satellite took images of the US Andersen Air Base and the Apra port in Guam and transmitted the photographs to Pyongyang. KCNA stated that the images were obtained at 09:00 local time and noted that the satellite will officially begin its mission on December 1.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who reviewed the photos, said more satellites should be put into orbit to increase Pyongyang’s “self-defense capability and the effectiveness of its military attacks.”


South Korea, for its part, suspended some provisions of the agreement it signed with North Korea in 2018, with the aim of reducing military tension in the region.

The Prime Minister’s Office of South Korea announced that the Council of Ministers held an extraordinary meeting under the leadership of Prime Minister Han Duck-soo. In his speech during the meeting, Han stated that they suspended some of the provisions of the inter-Korean agreement signed in 2018 due to “Pyongyang’s launch of a military spy satellite yesterday.”

Emphasizing that they will restart reconnaissance and surveillance activities on the North Korean border, Han noted that North Korea is not complying with the agreement designed to reduce military tension in the region and build trust between the two countries. “Our military’s ability to detect and engage threatening targets will be greatly increased,” Khan said.


On the other hand, the South Korean Navy statement highlighted that the US Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered submarine “USS Santa Fe” (SSN-763) arrived at the base on Jeju Island, in the south of the country. country.

The statement highlighted that the cooperation and joint defense posture between South Korea and the US “will be further strengthened” on the occasion of the submarine’s visit. (AA)

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