US Israel Decision! they will not support

The United States will not support Israeli operations.

Kirby, Strategic Communications Coordinator for the White House National Security Council, responded to reporters’ questions at the online news conference.

When asked about the news that an Israeli helicopter gunship that intervened in the Hamas attack on October 7 also fired on civilians at the music festival, Kirby said: “I don’t have any specific information on this issue.” he replied she.

Referring to settler violence in the West Bank, Kirby emphasized that the increase in acts of violence against Palestinians there is “absolutely unacceptable.”

Kirby noted that their first task was to free the prisoners and that they were working very hard on this issue.

Kirby stated that they are trying to reach an agreement on the prisoner exchange and said that in a possible agreement, safe passage could take hours or even days.

Responding to a question about whether Israel is targeting safe areas, Kirby said: “(The Israeli government) is considering moving its operations south. “As we said before, we do not support these types of operations.” he replied she.

Kirby stated that some approvals must be obtained from the Israeli war cabinet and Hamas for a possible prisoner agreement between the parties.

Kirby stated that although 500 aid trucks per day passing through the region is “a peacetime standard,” it is difficult to achieve that number in the current situation, and noted that his goal is 150 aid trucks per day, but he does not. have made. he still came to this.


Kirby stated that, based on information they received, Iran is considering supplying ballistic missiles to Russia for use in Ukraine, and argued that in exchange for this support, Russia offered Tehran “unprecedented defense cooperation,” including missile electronics. and air defense.

Referring to this information, Kirby said that the Russian Wagner mercenary fighter group is preparing to provide air defense capabilities to Hezbollah or Iran under instructions from the Moscow government.

When asked if the United States would recognize the Houthis as a terrorist organization after Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen seized a cargo ship owned by an Israeli company in the Red Sea, Kirby stated that this action was against international law. and noted that Iran was also complicit. on this issue. .

Kirby stated that they began “reviewing the definition of potential terrorists” for the Houthis. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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